5 pricks down, 5 more to go!

Hungering Destroyer starved
Artificer ran out of toys
Sun king took a chill pill

“If you get the debuff just die for the raid”

Comrade Nighty as he inspire the raid group for the last phase of Sun King

Last week’s raid has been great! We killed the Destroyer with the munchies, the boi with his toys, The Artificer and The Sun king and the goon-squad they call adds!

We might be able to pull this tier off! But now we take this week off for some holiday cheer!

Was forced to go Holy, so the voices got quiet, feels lonely…” – Gigz

Normal is done!

“Normal is done! Now we go Heroic!”


In true Nylaathria fashion, they kicked the last bosses asses without me.
Now we set our sights for reset and Heroic!

Bring food, flask, Pots, enchants, armor kits, weapon oils, runes, your neural silencer, popcorn and drinks!

“I’ll just kill the douche on Heroic then!” – Gigz

New Tier, New adds to kill us!

The bat on hc went splat on first raid night! Although nighty wasn’t quick enough with the victory photo so it despawned…

“Havoc DH so bad even Gigz can beat it now”

Psycho when I beat his DPS (sorry not sorry :D)

After a extreme long end of Ny’alotha and BfA, the raid team is back in business, we took down the blind bat on heroic and for good measure we ended his life in normal along with four other bosses.

We continue the run of normal tonight and who knows maybe we will go and try it on Heroic as well!

“The void says I should continue feeding it, I don’t trust it” – Gigz

Weird scaly bird down!

After a though clear, Vexiona and her allies tried to stop us in our tracks, although compared to her peers we got her down with relative ease, so now we rest until reset. Next up in our way is Drest’agath with his thicc squiggly bois.

See you soon!Gigz

Goaaaaal! Mythic Inquisitor Xanesh is down!

“I thought the add was up!?”

Madi’s realization when she saw it wasn’t.

After an intense game of fotball (soccer for you in the wrong) and “where is the spirits of big death” We finally got the inquisitor down! Now to decide if we go for the squiggly boi Drest’agath or The death beams (sometimes your own tanks or Insta) of Vexiona!

See you soon!Gigz

Hivemind Mythic is now down!

” Just hit it harder…”

Psyrax’s Tactical input on our Hivemind progress
With Hivemind down we will now try our luck and sanity against Inquisitor Xanesh Balls of death or Drest’agath’s Squigly bois!

See you there! Gigz